With us weather becomes clear. Our products bring innovative and quality customized turnkey solutions to the Meteorological and Aviation industries globally.


Create charts from NWP output (GRIB), WAFC BUFR, observations and other data. Initially designed to automate the production of ICAO compliant aviation charts nsCHARTS is equally suited to creating charts and animations for use on web sites or for regular distribution.

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A Forecasting tool set that allows forecasters to visualize and interact with meteorological data and helps make forecasts of various kinds a reality. It covers a broad range of data types and functionality to help in your day-to-day activities.

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nsMHS is our premier weather-data management tool offering users of the meteorological community a rich set of tools covering all aspects of the WMO World Weather Watch and integrates seamlessly into any aviation enterprise environment.

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The nsSAT product suite comprise a satellite data reception server such as for EUMETSat and data visualization clients connected to the server

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Generate chart and information briefing products and deliver them to a wide variety of destinations. This flexible platform can be deployed in various scenarios and forms the core of the NetSys WAFC SADIS/WIFS workstation package and Weather forecaster suite.

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nsWEBPIB is an online Pre-Flight Briefing Portal and accompanying Flight Folder Engine. Targeted at Aviation Authorities and Meteorological Offices, enabling them to bring weather and related data to pilots regardless of where they may be located.

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What we Do

NetSys International offers a full range of products and services designed to supply one-stop complete solutions to Aviation and Meteorological institutions around the world on a turnkey basis.These specialized services include:

Consultation on airport IT infrastructure modernization

Custom software development

Factory and On-site training

Factory and Site Acceptance testing

Installation and cutover support

IT Project Management

Quality Assurance

System design, integration and testing

Warranty and Post-warranty support

Weather and Aviation network design and implementation

Compliant Industry Standards